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Case Study 1: Kingsmill


Kingsmill were to 'piggy back' on the success of the latest Christmas blockbuster, Wallace and Gromit's film 'A Matter of Loaf and Death', and create a range of related items to help promote the brand.  To begin with the brief from the agency, GHMC, was fairly loose with the focus being on the main gift of a 'Turbomatic Toast Rack'. This was to be based on the design of the van in the recent film and feature a wind up mechanism so it could be raced across the table at breakfast time. All Stay Sourced had to work from was a hand sized van model, a few rough sketches and several images of the van from the film.


Stay Sourced presented different designs and mechanisms until they created the perfect solution that would be true to the brand and the licence.  The factory then produced a mud mould which allowed the whole project to come to life as the client could now see what the Turbomatic Toast Rack would look like. A number of pre-production samples were created, tweaking each one just slightly to ensure a quality, novel product.


Nominated for BPMA Campaign of the Year.

"From the moment we presented our initial concepts to the client and Aardman they fell in love with the idea of the Turbo-Matic Toast Rack. After much stress about how we would deliver Stay Sourced were the only company we found who could supply all of the items required on time, on budget and to the high standards required."

Marc Williams, Account Director from GHMC

Case Study 2: Nutricia

Nutricia Cuddly Characters

Nutricia had a range of four characters (Raccoon, Elephant, Koala and Monkey) which had already been designed for the promotion.  Firstly Stay Sourced had to evolve the designs so that you could see the whole body of each character and then produce pre-production samples of each character

The client was delighted with the final product and repeat orders followed.


"The Fortini reward scheme campaign was very well received by parents and children alike. The beanie toys Stay Sourced provided were an integral part of this successful campaign and really brought our initial design concepts to life. As usual, Stay Sourced ticked all of the boxes - the products were received on time, within budget and to the specification required. The team at Stay Sourced are a pleasure to do business with and always willing to go that extra mile to satisfy their clients."


Case Study 3: Nintendo


Nintendo wanted to promote the imminent launch of two of its gaming titles and generate pre-orders with the offer of free collectible tins that represented the packaging graphics of the actual release.  Across the two titles there was a requirement for 38000 tins within an 8 week lead time and then provide distribution across various global markets.  Nintendo's stance on corporate responsibility also meant that we needed to provide a solution in line with their green procurement policy.


Stay Sourced's close relationships with the factories proved invaluable as it enabled us to negotiate Far East prices within a UK lead time.

Although the project was challenging due to the nature of the tight timescales, Stay Sourced managed to deliver a high premium promotional product to Nintendo a week early (7 weeks as opposed to 8 weeks).

Case Study 4: Thomas Cook

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Thomas Cook Travel Clubs approached Stay Sourced to find a practical product that people would keep hold of and use but was memorable and emphasised the fun element of the Thomas Cook brand.  Thomas Cook wanted 15,000 units of something a little bit different.

Stay Sourced went about creating a pen that incorporated a holiday theme whilst getting the Thomas Cook name and details across for 3 of their different Travel Clubs. In addition Thomas Cook were on a tight budget and tight lead times with the promotion and required Far East pricing with a standard UK lead time.



Stay Sourced mocked up visuals of a number of different pen options which had different holiday themed items moulded into the top - such as aeroplanes, palm trees, sunshine, bucket and spade etc.

Thomas Cook then wanted to see physical samples before committing to an order so Stay sourced got some pre production samples made at their own cost with the confidence that once the client saw it they would love the finished article


Thomas Cook instantly loved the concept and ordered the palm tree option.

"Thomas Cook Travel Clubs were recommended to use Stay Sourced by our procurement department last year as they knew that Stay Sourced would deliver on time and on budget. Since we have been working with them we have only had good things to say about them. Everything they have produced has been very efficiently done, the end results are very impressive and the costs are very competitive."