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from £2.04

Charging cable and phone stand with a combination of a micro USB, Lightning and USB-C plugs

from £2.10

Aluminium charger cable set with three plugs: USB, USB-C and micro USB. Including key ring.

from £2.19

Troop 3-in-1 charging cable. The Troop 3-in-1 charging cable features a USB type C tip and a 2-in-1 dual compatible tip for both Apple® iOS and Android devices. It has a carabiner clip to easily hook on your bag. ABS Plastic.

from £2.49

3-in-1 magnetic keyring USB cable with type C and reversible 5 pin (iPhone) and micro USB (Android) adaptors. Comes complete with a large plastic tag and to carry your branding. The micro USB casing pulls open to reveal the 5 pin connector inside. There's a strong magnet holding the adaptors together creating a loop perfect to attach to your keys.

from £2.50

Plastic 3-in-1 charging cable with USB, USB-C and Lightning plug. The key holder has an interior LED light and is suitable for laser engraving.

from £2.58

Charger cable set with three plugs: USB-C connector with two connectors: Lightning and standard USB. Each cable is approximately 5,5 cm long and attaches to an oval holder with opening (Ø 1,8 cm).

from £2.61

USB-C charging cable with steel key ring. Including two connectors: standard USB and micro USB.

from £2.73

USB charging cable set in plastic case. Includes a mobile phone standard. The cable has a USB, USC-C and micro USB connector. The micro USB connector can be flipped to use as Lightning connector. Length of the cable: approx. 24 cm.

from £3.65

3-in-1 USB cable, easily carry and store three chargers in one handy device. Including type C connector, 5 pin connector (iPhone), and micro USB (android) connector. Simply pull both ends of the cable to extend up to 100cm!.

from £4.05

Wireless charging pad with coloured body and black circle on the top side. The bottom has an anti-slip strip. Includes a charging cable (USB - micro USB). Input DC5V, 1500mA.

from £4.10

One 4-in-1 cable. A 4-in-1 cable that covers all charging needs in one package. It features a USB type A, Type-C, and a 2-in-1 tip that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It can be used for charging and data transfer. Comes with a keychain and has magnets for convenient carrying. ABS Plastic.

from £4.25

6 ways to charge your tech with one product! This sleek silver charger features soft braided cords with metal and plastic connectors. With a great branding your logo will grab attention and shine bright as the engraved logo lights up when in use! You have the option of plugging the charger in to laptops or USB plugs with a normal USB connector as well as a USB-C connector for faster charging. You then can use the type C connector, 5 pin connector (iPhone) and micro USB (android) connectors to charge up any of your devices!



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